From the recording Still JG

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7. “Take You” (Written By Justin Gray)

When get u where I wanna get u
Promise Imma take u baby
Promise Imma take u
Imma take u

Take you all across the world
Show u off like you know I do
I just wanna love u more
When I get u where I wanna go
Taking off like you know I do
And i will never let u go
Make it real right in front of me
Cant deny what you done to me


Take you right from your man
I hope he understands
Right here is where u wanna be
Take a chance on a love that’s real
Can u see just how I feel
If u hear me talk back me
Im loving the way that talk to me baby
U be speaking and ur driving me crazy
But did i hear u say take me?

Take you i gotta save ya
And then im running like u hit me on my pager
I find nearest payphone by my home
Then i pick that thing up dialtone
U on the other end its my friend
U got some other folks But like this I know
We tight like braids
We tights like knots sailing on ocean waves
So let us sail away

I just wanna be the one
the one who hold your heart
The one who’s gonna make you
I just wanna be the one
The one to do it right
The one who’s gonna take you