From the recording Still JG

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8. “Beg Borrow Steal” (Written By Justin Gray)

Sometime you gotta beg borrow steal
To get by,
To survive u gotta live your life
Like, like you ain’t got time
Sometime you gotta beg borrow steal
Though it don’t feel right
Gotta swallow your pride
When you’d do anything to survive
Even sing it to em one more time

I can see in a vision
Your hate causing all this division
When u still ain’t got a pot to piss in
Disrespected the King
Now you gotta beg for everything
And the topics that you’re on ain’t relevant
I’m a warrior first, after the war then your body in hearse, been nice but not kind since birth
Like you dropping a dime
Money is time so why you wasting mine
That’s why u really never shoulda crossed the line, feel me

Sometime you gotta feel
What you feel inside
Good and bad like what you had
Aint what you holding
Sometime its so wrong
Make it so hard to decide
Which way to go
Like there’s a fork in the road
And weather is cold


Digging in pockets and pulling out lint
Michigan Flint
When you cant even drink the water
Without the water making you sick
Lower class problems for the richer to solve
But he always been a dick
So Richard dont get involved
And these problems still exist
Its so elementary, and simple at least it would seem
We over here living a nightmare
You over there living a dream
These classes can’t meet in the middle
Disrupts status quo as we know it
Bet you didnt know I was a rapper
Who spends his past time as a poet, huh

Did it, Cuz sometime u need an affirmation
You busy making plans
While they only busy hating
Ego makes you the anti hero
But I don’t think u hear me though
I’m a man now but I got my hand out
Need assistance but aint looking for a handout
I got a map now I’m sticking to the blueprint
Nurture every thought like it was an infant, baby