1. 10. IDWY

From the recording Still JG

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10. “IDWY” (Written By Justin Gray)

Ooh big mad, big caps,
Blood pressure buzzin so u betta relax
Get your head checked oh u finna relapse
Nancy Karigan all in your knee caps
Too soon, is it too close
Never near or too far like a raincoat
Umbrella, on a rainy day
You a stormy cloud so u better stay away
6 feet, arms length
I got a walking stick, like a strong pimp
So my backhand, serve a volleyball
On the black hand side like I’m Marley Marl
Juice crew, in the juicebox
I got my DJ, he got a boombox
You got an attitude, check the small talk
I got a better team, and we all hot

I don’t want ya, I don’t need ya babe
Cause when you had me it didn’t mean a thing
I don’t want ya, I don’t need ya babe
Cause when you had me, it didn’t mean a thing

Didnt mean much why u gotta mean mug
Imma shoulder lean when u try to get a hug
I see you push away like a dance move
I got my own style and my own groove
One monkey dont stop no show
And i wont cry for no ho now u know
The way that you’re moving been washed up lately and I wouldn’t pay you to date me
Go head rate me
A 5 star lover’s always what I been
Making love like it’s a sin, tag me in
A rumble in jungle go a bout in the ring
Until the bell goes off ding ding
Let me sing
I dont want ya i dont need ya baby
Going round in circles cause you must be crazy
I don’t do the episodes and altercations
Imma just switch it up like an alteration