1. 12. STILL JG

From the recording Still JG

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12. “Still JG” (Written By Justin Gray)

No matter what u think of me
Im never gonna change I’m still JG
And it shouldn’t be mystery
Then when u say my name it’s still JG

They come they go
But will they say their name
Im not tryna be one of those
They watch the show
And let you play the game
Til you’re tired of the playing the role

U want the fame so think about it
This probably would happen to everybody
Well that’s what you tell yourself just to get by
Do about anything for the good life
Chasing my dream and its amazing
All the beautiful music that we’re making
Risk taking all the rule breaking
and still the best to do it can’t hear what ur saying

You know its true
They all sound the same
Im not tryna be one of those
Perform for you
In every single way
Finale fore the curtain is closed