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From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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U wake up early morning still tired so ya prolly still yawning
Gotta hit the bathroom now u in the kitchen
Cooking up some eggs then bacon get to kickin’
Pancakes finger licking U wonder what u doing today
Stop just to check the clock Damn how u let the time get away
If u hit the highway U be caught in some traffic
But if take the train Here’s what’s probably gon’ happen
U’ll be crowded in a car filled with lots folks
Everybody on the pole or they’re grabbin’ the ropes
Maybe one seat open but its next to dude
Who always smells like trash, plus - he hella rude
Too damn early for an attitude
But u still take the chair do what u gotta do
U dont look em in his face While u holding your breath
Thinking u can really take it only 3 stops left (until your)


Now he start to lean over, Falling asleep
While u looking around, Hoping someone would see
Ain’t nobody moving , They ain’t paying attention
& he started to snore, And u smelling the stench
U struggle to move, Cuz Now u a pillow
N Why’d it get dark, There go a tunnel
U see the light , But its blinding your eyes
Why’s it so bright, Oh yeah its daytime
Gotta get to my job, Before Im late for a gig
I push this man off me, He ain’t even big
Still he wanna fight, So i give em the biz - 1,2 1,2
Disrespect me’s what u won’t do won’t do
Call the army when we come thru come thru
Kickin’ booty like its kung fu kung fu
Im the boss & you a worker, here’s a form, u disgruntled