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Justin Gray

This much needed recitation of lyrics &original beats definitely scores high marks for Hip-Hop; created by a one man, from front to back, top to bottom; everything heard was composed in-house within a month's time, sparked by true inspiration & creativity

At an early age JG, respectively known as Justin Gray, found himself on stage,

This much needed recitation of lyrics &original beats definitely scores high marks for Hip-Hop; created by a one man, from front to back, top to bottom; everything heard was composed in-house within a month's time, sparked by true inspiration & creativity

At an early age JG, respectively known as Justin Gray, found himself on stage, traveling with ensembles from city to city. From Broadway exposure to print, film, and several modeling & acting endeavors, still, he knew then that music was his true calling. Now with over 20 years of experience, he prides himself on professionalism and a certain expertise in an industry that is constantly changing. Not only a superb stage performer and singer, JG is also a talented DJ, MC, host, writer, producer, engineer and businessman. A student of Berklee and NEIT, he has gone on to release his music independently and with major distribution. To date, Justin Gray has released 4 solo albums and 1 collaborative release with his production partner Bizz of The InCrowd. Aside from collaborating, Justin Gray has remained a focal point in New England through much passion and dedication; fronting & managing his own band for 10 years (known as JG & The MeggaTones or The Urban Warriors) as well as managing and promoting his own career, projects & aspirations. In 2012 he partnered with another burgeoning, young company (Last Shot Productions or ‘LSP’) and took on the task of managing this full service production company. LSP built a heavy resume throughout Boston by providing production related to music, visuals, marketing, and a plethora of other useful services for companies and individuals. At the company’s height - they had a great client base along with a growing online presence, even furthered through their website’s SEO development - LSP then opened it’s first production retail store which was located in downtown Boston. In 2013 LSP & JG released his first official LP “UFOs” independently through CDBaby, and procured a licensing and distribution deal with Island Def Jam for JG’s song, “Let Me Ride”. 4,000 physical units sold equated to JG’s realization of his local fanbase. He began to brand his band & himself in a more conscious manner from that point on. JG & The MeggaTones performed regularly throughout New England, mainly in Boston & Cambridge. Whether original songs or covering material from Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, MJ to Usher, JG’s voice, charisma and afro always left audiences with plenty of great memories. LSP’s CEO, Giovanni Francis, would later introduce JG to Bizz; a producer and rapper from Rhode Island. Upon first collaborating, they both knew something special was occurring. The compliment each added to the other made the partnership inevitable. As a team, they spewed out music at an exceedingly high rate, releasing “If These Walls Could Talk” in 2014 independently through Last Shot Productions & MeggaToned Records. Immediately, Bizz & JG began working on a mixtape they then released free to the public. The mixtape titled “The EXperience” consisted of 21 songs crafted & released in 16 days; their way of showing off their work ethic. As JG continued marketing and arranging appearances & performances for their LP, Bizz concluded that he wasn’t as comfortable being the artist on the forefront as he would be as producer in the background. Though roles may have changed formally, the pair remained an independent production house all on their own. With LSP and Bizz, JG was essential to bringing things to fruition. From graphic design, concepts, producing both music and film down to editing, JG was beyond just being an ‘artist’. He was able to use any given talent at just the right moment, realizing his true potential. Releasing “Suite Black Music” in 2015, shortly thereafter, Last Shot Productions dissolved as a company due to loss of their retail location. Never faltering, JG continued his pursuit. With “The Wake Up” in 2016, making a strong sonic impact, even stirring controversy with his music video for “Set It Off”, JG’s fanbase continued to show up. It was around this time that JG took hiatus from his own band to join the very prestigious Sultans of Swing. As a world-renowned band, The Sultans propelled JG to new heights; allowing him exposure to new audiences & to perform for some of the most discerning clientele in America. The band simply valued everything he brought to the table; a consistent, professional talent who has learned to turn his adversities into advantages at every turn. Justin would spend the next 2 years further dedicating himself to his craft, coming into his own with each performance with the Sultans. Polishing all he’d acquired from years of experience lead him to feeling fulfilled. As a husband and father of one, most prevalently known as lead singer for The Sultans, success seemed a matter of perspective. With The Sultans he has gone on to perform with or for Taylor Swift, UB40, David Foster, Sigourney Weaver, Martha Stewart, Jim Belushi, & even the incumbent US president. Blessed in so many ways, from personal endeavors to professional accomplishments, JG most recently returned with his latest project “Love, JG” by Justin Gray. Spending over a year in the studio concocting his most non-fictional work yet, “Love, JG” was ready to be shared Valentine’s Day 2019. A full collaborative effort which has been well received by fans and peers alike, Justin Gray’s new release culminated from a trying year of highs and lows. With the passing of his grandfather, father, and cousin within the same year his artistry was stifled. Then suffering an anomalous seizure mid 2018, he himself was unsure what fate held for him. Through extensive testing, some of which is depicted throughout his album artwork, doctors determined there were no health concerns and that the event most likely was singular. With memory shaken and outlook weary, he still maintained his responsibilities, professionally with his band and personally with his family. Knowing this was the ultimate test, Justin decided he would encapsulate all he was feeling in his music. His message throughout is of ‘Love’ and compassion for one another but most importantly, self. Listeners have seemed to appreciate the concept and testimony more than ever before and that is all a true artist could ever dream. Current host & MC at Gillette Stadium for The New England Patriots, JG keeps his affinity for his home state very close to his heart, striving with the same undefeated, champion mentality Boston may be infamous for. Because he was inspired by his many idols growing up, he finds much importance in the example he sets forth as his legacy. JG’s goal is to maintain success in a career that is ultimately fulfilling and challenging. He’d like to be as invaluable to music as it is to him. A true visionary who has no hesitation seeing those visions through. What he has to offer should be believed and valued at first notice, most importantly, for the love of music.

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