1. Rock

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Any rock u want,
i’ll climb the highest mountain top
Damn girl u turn me on,
Do it right there just dont stop
Bags n cars we gon’ shop,
Im tryna break this bank account
Damn now that we alone
Still throwin’ stacks up large amount

Paper chasin’
will always lead to haters hating
If I’m in the conversation
Don’t need your participation
Nah I got this, see if this rock fits
If not then maybe try another
I know you see the prices
And it make your heart flutter
I can afford it now
Cause im a smart brother
Said u thru with the dummies
*So let’s wrap it up like mummies
The best things in life are free
If you got the money
Stackin’ chips, Like a poker game
Kissin’ lips, screaming my name
Sound like another language
Can barely understand it
Using your native tongue
When we makin’ uhhh
See I can’t fight the feeling
Sexually appealing
Taking off your clothes
Nakedness revealing
Who u really are
We look in the mirror
Waters coming down
That’s that Aquafina


Dreams come true
If you keep dreaming em
Now it’s reality
*If you can believe em
Talking bout the signs
Don’t let em pass you by
Open up your eyes
Long enough to cry
*Happy tears of joy
With your happy girl or boy
You only live once
*So live like you made a choice
2 Keep breathing
It’s not easy
I been down before
Please believe me
But im up now
Just like waking up
Counting every blessing
*And the room they’re taking up
This is my house
And we live here
Furnished the whole thing
Table and the chairs
If you make a bed
You have to lay in it
*And only if I know it’s love
*Would it be enough to stay in it
I hear you playing it
What I wrote for you
*lGot my heart screaming out
And it spoke to you