1. Floating

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Floating on a cloud of loud
Asking can u hear me though
U know I got a pot of gold
Must be the end of the rainbow
Old school hip hop really only match yo kangol
Im tryna stay up on thangs
Even though all that new so lame
Meaning that all u do so lame
Just for the fame it aint a game
But stop playing & start explaining
That’s how it sounds when u use your brain
Smarter than the rest of um
So I aint playing chess with them
Always no contest wit um
Again I’m smart and yal so dumb
Bummy bum go get a job
50 cent taught how to rob
Imma teach u how spell your name
Even that seems to be a prob
Limb for limb or tim for tims
Tit for tat nor his or hers
Alligator soufflé
Monkey knuckle buckle turtle furs
Pimp like so think twice
I promise my back hand nice
U could throw a fist and lose a hand
Or just shut up n dance
U aint in my pants
Cant afford my shoes
When the whole game rigged
Tell me how u still lose

Floating past the competition

You a losing situation
Im tired of being patient
Cuz im not a doctor
i aint got no patient or no cases
Family don’t me relation
Asking what’s your occupation
If you hold a title let me know
If u got money in escrow
Loan me sum let me hold sum
I’ll get you back when im all done
I promise Jack I’ll be right back
I’ll even let u get a stack
In fact a nip, a bundle
Any way u know I hustle
Pay me one I’ll give u two
If its red i’ll make it blue
If its fake you’ll think its true
That’s just what morons do
Take a answer find a problem
Be too dumb to get a clue
Im floating and your sinking
Odor & your body stinking
Funkier than parliament
Yup im talking George clinton
Get yo Flashlight
Must be the in the trash right
I looking closer in garbage
Not a real rapper in site
Tell me how this can this be
That every artist I see
Is wacker than a bat, facts
And can’t compete with me