1. Real

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Yo Murder was the case that they gave me
Karma was bitch but she raised me
I could never be lazy , Eyes hazy cause Im crazy
If I show up you gotta pay me, Cocky but aint braggin
Melodies toe taggin, Leaving bodies in back of them long black wagons
Trick - That’s a hearse, An arm for a verse
A leg for feature, Your body for the purse
Never knew i could rhyme like this
Say words back to back and keep time like this
Got u like lemme rewind that shit
And then song end u like damn that’s it
I got more in store once I take it out the bag
Satisfaction guaranteed like the best you’ve ever had
Put it on ya head, i coulda been your dad
But i dont mess wit your moms no more
I know she mad (for real)

It Gets Real - When im just smackin ya chirren
It Gets Real - Now I got u all in ya feelings
Tell me how u really feel, When I can’t help but go for throat
Somebody call the ambulance before u get choked
It so real, When you cant run the truth
It gets real, When you’re guilty and we dont need no proof
Its get real, Realer than you’ve ever been, Real like genuine

Never glorifying my actions, Just a product of my environment
Making it happen, Haters can get to cappin’
Since im back to the rappin, Like tip get out jail
And go right back to the trappin’, Once my fingers get to snappin’
All my people reacting, If you keep runnin ya mouth
Then your chain we’ll be jackin’, You’ll be looking for ya jewels
While you’re lookin like a fool, Punch a hater in the mouth
Yup that’s what Im finna do, Oooooo
Now the whole crowd stand back for the landslide
You spent ya rent on ya pants right!, Claiming that paid
But every word you said, Are faker than them diamonds
On that chain u wear around ya head

Real like real hair - Real like cooked food
Real like real rare - Really messing with a real dude
We too real here, Realer than u used to, Really we dont really care