1. Break

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Break me off a piece of that, Drop it off and bring it back
Looking like a dime piece times three, Im down to get wet & even slimey
Pressure make the wood snap, Took about a minute just for u to get that
Mind broke, Deep stroke, Back stroke, Long toke, Blow smoke
Liquor make ya lips talk, Glitter shoes could even make u moonwalk
Im drippin baby but no this is not sauce, Its the juice, 100 proof
Its the shoes, Act a fool, Rhythm n blues
Aint gon hurt nobody, Cuz when we in the party


Get your hand out my pocket, That aint yours u need to stop it
Why u always wondering bout my wallet, Asking me if u can hold a dollar
I aint got it, That aint my problem
Why u always hungry? Or now ur starving
Gotta take a snack break, Just to stuff your fat face
& i got the most cheese, This must be a rat race
Shake it don’t break it, Go get yourself some coin
Then maybe we can get it on, I last from dusk til dawn
Been known to break backs, But not in terms of chiropractic
Practically if u need a fix, I’ll be the only drug u’ll ever need
Some times u just gotta stop, Only so much that u can take
When u been giving it your all, Is never enough, all seems in vein
And the bills wont go away, cuz u dont have money to pay em
You live your life like Hustle or Die, Just a code we try follow & abide
(And not break it)

Wake up and go get the money, The best u know how
Stack up your paper and fill up, Your bank account