1. Juice

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Call your team and get some backup,
Cause you’re needing it, Get a cigar to break it down
N put some weed in it, No Lil Jon still I went n put some skeet in it
Like Im beatin it, wit my meat in it, Have a meeting wit
Your lips its going down, Filling holes like a dentist
Now wear (where) the crown, And that’s a mouthful
U were doubtful, Then I show and proved
*Erected like the Eiffel, Lovers out in Paris
*Talkin bout it aint fair it’s, Nothing natural bout a human
Wearing so much karats, All around the baguettes
Makes it hard to forget, Im solid as a rock
You’ll never see me sweat, Drip u getting wet
From my super soaker, Water never running out
And smoke like hocus pocus, Dont know no magic tricks
But its still magic trick, Not talking make believe
More like make a wish

Poof (víola) Now i got the juice
Bishop your rook, then tighten the noose
But still get loose, N i still got the juice
Sip it down fast , Poof (víola)
Now i got the juice, Bishop your rook, then tighten the noose
Still get loose, N i still got the juice
Sip sip it down til u speakin the truth

I was sippin on sizzurp, Smokin on some pizzurp
Then next thing I know, The whole party went bizerk
Girls start to twizerk, The fellas are raging
Speaking subtitles, And everyone blazing
The cloudier the room get, The larger the shroom
The darker the berry, The fuller the moon
Cup overflowing, That water from wine
U can have a good time, But don’t try to steal mine
It aint half empty, If its half full
Maybe that’s a vodka , And a red bull
Bartender already know, The order imma put in
A tall glass of lime and tonic, N Two shots of gin
*Juice never running out, Smoke still like hocus pocus
Im a top dawg, U aint already notice
Dont need no magic tricks, But its still magic trick
Not talking peter pan, More like alfred hitch (cock)