1. Wreckless

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Nice lips, nice booty,Got alotta juice and put it in my smoothie
Friday night, got turnt out, Bubbles everywhere cuz poppin bottles’ all we bout
Im all over you, You all over me
Then next thing we know, We on Tmz
Media takeout, I just call delivery for that takeout
I wanna wine u,And I’ll dine u
Put on some dancehall, For u to wine to
When u drop it low, Imma pick it up
Booty goin beep beep, Like a tonka truck
Park it on me, Don’t stop it on me
Damn you got nice eyes, Don’t stop watchin on me
Clock going to tick tock, But u still dont hear it on my wristwatch

Low key, but it feel bold, OG but i dont feel old
Man they still asking for my ID
*Waiting on one of you young bucks to try me
*Baby dont look like me but i could be the pappy
Call one name to get the party crackin
Floor to the ceiling, window to the wall
JG better be the name when u call
Yup say my name bout a billion times
*And then when you add em up
plz count it right
Hand in my pocket, cuz i got a rocket
If i am the plug, u gotta be the socket
It’s electric, i can feel it now
*You’re the only 1 I can see standing in a crowd
And i want you (Damn) in front of errr’body
Whatever we do they gonna talk about it

Real wit it I gotta say, Serve me up everyday
U know how to deal wit it cuz u kno wat I like
All that sex appeal and the love
Make my dreams come true if u kno wat i like
Aint gotta tell u what u to do if u kno wat I like
Picture perfect talking me and u / u kno wat i like
Im tellin you the truth,

I didn’t know until i met you really what I like
Bright lights, Late nights’ really what i like
U stuttering on the pipe
N i can go all night cuz I really like
How u know exactly
At hello u had me
More than 1 nights what im asking
Damn I cant believe how im actin