1. Attitude

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Im saying why u got an attitude, Talking under your breath
N I ain’t in the mood, Cause u always got an attitude
Why u starting today, Got none better to do
Im really tired of your attitude, U need to check yourself
Baby get a clue, See the problem is your attitude
And its not me, its all you

We can blame game, I can even name names
Lisa left I for you, So we can flame flames
Burn up the pictures, Run n tell ya sister
Get your friends to have your bags packed
Even quicker, Im calling you a taxi, Ain’t wasting a Uber
Better off getting a lift from a truck driver
Thumb out like hitchhiker, So hit that road jack
Scat like black cat & don’t u look back
Moving to Ohio, Southside out Vallejo
Maybe in Montana Or Texas with a dego
Memphis wherever they go, Times square to Rodeo
ATL then Syracuse, U like Carmen Diego
I dont wanna find you, So please dont come here
Got a restraining order, So please dont come near
Yoosa vampire, Uninvited undead
We kill suckers like you for fun, So Whatcha said

You so busy in your feelings ,U ain’t thinking bout nobody else
Actin like a child, Sometime a whoopin’ help
Oh u need time out, How bout a hot iron
U talking CPS, But first u gotta stop crying
Im yellin’ stop lying, Slow down like a stop sign
U gon’ have to count to 10, And still u just can’t stop whining
Now this is getting old, I know you don’t like getting told
What to do how to be, when it is and where to go
But its time for u to grow up, As they say Act your age
Your booty gettin’ tore up, Its time to turn another page
Next chapter, be that, Before and after I see that
Gotta reach your goal dont fall back, Even If try u may fall flat
But that’s alright its okay, Stand up n try it all again
U dont have nothing to explain, Tell haters stay in their lane
Bet they can’t do it like u, I know they can’t do it like me
All them critics got something to say
Tell em every day to try to write like me