1. Sexy

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Ooo Baby say im sexy, Everytime she text me
Then we get butt naked, Im hopin she can take it
In her oven I be baking, And its love that we be making
I know my baby freaky, Cuz everytime she see me
Wink her eye n behavior so sneaky, Once we get up in the room
U want me to re-enact the game, Lara croft its a tomb
N i’ll explore it, let me call u Dora, Keep swipe keep swipe
Til your belongings on the floor, Won’t stop til u tap out
*u dont need ur hands, to show me what that clap bout
In the hood u may be known as the trap mouth
*But even in the suburbs I’m known to rip a track out
That’s exactly what this track bout
They say Im sexy if u ask me
I think that means baby I dont need clout


Baby say I’m sexy, every time she text me
Then we get butt naked, Im hopin’ she can take it
In her oven I’ll be baking, Why her legs won’t stop ‘a shaking
Cuz she say I’m sexy, Ooo and when u say u need me
*And that I been a boy dont let me down e-z
Fan spinning white static on the TV
Singing like Chris Brown baby don’t leave me
Looking in a mirror , I see beautiful people
Its more than me & you, *And we all come to be equal
Sexy is as it does young blood, Im tryna get sexy with all that love
All that pride inside u cant hide, Beauty just can’t be held in the eyes
Its gotta be in your mind, Then stay in your heart
Come to light Kelly, Up outta the dark
Seeing fans wave hands , While watchin’ the kid
Remember I used to dream of making big
Make music win grammies and a #1 single
I just wanna be a sex symbol