1. Better

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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(Some time u need clap)
Hand clap, standing ovation, Im giving u motivation
Seeing that u waiting, It means that you’re patient
And soon you’ll be mine for the taking
Got a new flow - Big doe, Original - the first one to bring back the afro
Same hits - same clique, U still shameless
& they still don’t know what ur name is
Let me remind u,vIm back to ball
Get your bifocals, It’s a spectacle
Im the green light, Everything’s a go
Call me Jordan, A Chicago Bull
Still rep my set, All over New England
Other states wonder how we be winnin’
We dont cheat, Get up out the nosebleeds
So u can see, That u can’t beat the undefeated champions

You better be better than Biggie or better than Nas
Better Jay Z or u gets no applause, Better be
better yet must be high on amphetamines
Crack hopes ain’t work yet
There go pipe dreams
(You better be) better than Nicki
And better than Kim
Better than her yup & even better than him, Better be
Better yet dont even trip n quit ya day job
Quit tryna be better than me (good try though)

Shake like dice n let off steam, Its all good if u know what I mean
I mean that really everything good, Could really be better
So I decided I’d write u a letter, Dear you yeah you
Who ever u are wherever u are, Take a second while I drop a few bars
(Here it go though) U got time for a selfie thats a personal photo
But u don’t even take time to vote though, How that go tho
You watching the fall But ain’t a part of the rise
Swimmers like u get caught up in the tide, Time to decide
Losing your choice, Same as them taking your voice
They only respond, When we making noise
(Let’s get loud then) Fists up high, make the whole world cry
If this reality make u wanna die
(U better fight back) If they hit u then u hit right back
& I bet u they ain’t gonna like that- Cuz u a champion


Better than the first man to walk on the moon
Better than the sun in the middle of June
Better than mail coming early on a Monday
Better than church on Sunday (yeah right dude)
You’re better than 2nd so your winning the prize
Better than the president’s wife(that’s too obvious)
Better than a ace in a hand of cards
When you’re better don’t forget who u are (A smooth criminal)