1. Dumb

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Everyone need love what u talkin’ bout
MeggaToned on the beat make u walk it out
We in the parking lot Yes we spark it up a lot
Parallel the whip like a s’mores i got the chocolate
And ur tush got push like marshmallow
Jiggling like Jello tell ur parents I say hello
And thank you
Backside so nice u make me wanna spank u
As if u been bad
Give you all the affection n attention U never had
I will marry your mama just so I could be your dad
Is that incest I must confess
You got me trippin’
Over two left feet
Like the reaction I get from women
I show up to the party and they pay me
Aint that crazy
But you wont find another cold hearted
Cold blooded dealer of the cold arts
More sauce than them golden arches
I just started
To get the hang of this
And now u wanna hang ya self
Self hate is dangerous
‘Specially when we already hate u
Hate to say I made u
But then again u made me (do it)
Where’s the butane fluid
obviously gassing yourself
Dont even ask me for help
I hit u with a compliment
That maybe your incompetent
But all that’s not that hard to fix
U just gotta (do it)
And stop being stupid

Put your money where your mouth is
Watch me as I put my **** where ya spouse is
Wreck-less and a little bit intoxicated
To the club we barely made it
Jumped in the line cuz U know I aint waiting
Ignore the doorman and all of the waiters
That’s when I saw u walk by my table
And the pimp in me automatically enabled
Like ay hot thang tell me whats happening
Looking so damn good I could start snacking
All over your body, cuz your hypnotic
Dont switch up now and act psychotic
Oh its not an act ur really tapped
Well let me get my money back
For the lap dance, 2 drinks and the
Tears you shed in the back of my Cadillac

(Yes I know that it’s a Toyota)