From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Yal ask is there a heaven for a gangsta
Im just looking for a church for a stripper
Heard they got some big tippers
Passing round plates for collection
Change of intercourse your direction
If u need some affection
Preacher lay hands praise dance
In the aisle if u feel like
for tha Gods on the mic
Holy ghost ears still ringing
Hold ur applause til the choir done singing
Deacon exit out the wings
Think he seen Sister Brown
Who heard the word around town
From half the congregation
that her man put it down
Fire and fury
She the judge and the jury
The wrath of a woman
God’s own doing
If u find yourself, on the other side
Fall down to your knees like u wanna cry
& when they ask u why
Just look to the sky
Hands above your head
Now wave em both high
(Holy Ghost em)