1. Trap

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Gotta take it where U left off
Save your place like a bookmark
Before I got to far
Let me start with the once upon time
Once upon a star
U See it shining
Glow like a diamond
My mine i been mining
Minding my own
Time to get grown
So leave me alone
I writing my poems
Im fighting the clones
Cuz its MeggaToned
Music in my bones
That mean i dont need a xylophone
To get this magic
Drums and static
Til I tune u out
Like I had it
With all your blabbing
Comin out your mouth

Cuz I aint got the answer
Im tryna find it too
Feel like we’re caught in a trap
And don’t know what to do
Cuz i aint got the answer
If i dont know the question
U could get out this trap
If you just learn your lesson

Never trip on my own feet
Over u i wont lose sleep
Maybe for this music
Im liable to do it
*Ya name must be Alicia
Cuz u seem so clueless
I know i was chosen
See how I’m glowing
Bruce Lee Roy
Dodging the arrows u throwing
With grace and skill
No decoy
Back to the story that started it all
I was focused since the age of 13
Battling demons all along the way
All of u haters who tried to hurt we
Wished my devise while I rose to the gold
Ex girlfriends gotta hella thirsty
What u gon do when that water run dry
All I know is bish better not ax me