1. Wild

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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You said you wild
So how u gonna prove it
I can see your body
Dancing how u moving
*Get wild and get naughty
We all came to party
Can u tell Im hard
And we barely started
I dont wanna stop
Temperature’s so hot
Taking off your clothes
Like Nelly was up in the spot
Dont spend your own money, on nothin’ frivolous
U can get a loan from me, I’m being serious
(Im tryna get u)


I see your credit good, don’t need collateral
& If u knock on wood get lucky
Bring the raffle home
Cuz if I pull your ticket, and then call out your name
Aint no Bingo baby but we can play a game
Keep the ball rolling, imma shoot my shot
U got that arrogance i like like gimme all u got
50 shades of gray, with that leather & lace
Priceless look on your face, from all that bass