1. Hero

From the recording Family Friendly Stripper Music

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Idk how to be a hero
I wanna save u but i need u
Lettin’ my cape fly in the wind
If u hear me knocking on your window let me in

Here come the men in black
Got the shades to match
Please dont get attached
It’ll only break ya heart
Saving the world one baby at a time
Silencing critics like a pantomime
Sick like i got the virus
*Thick like a set a tires
Killer Michael Myers
Wanted but something that can’t be obtained
Sighted but that something that can’t be explained
Out the game, like you fouled out
I am the pappy n i just found out
Imma kill Maury then imma speak to Oprah
Maybe Dr Phil, out in Oklahoma

Here come the holy rollers
And the do gooders
Same as the backstabbers
And the backsliders
A bunch of hypocrites speaking tongues
That’s gibberish
U cant even read u ain’t literate
I am literally on shopping spree
I can pay the fee
Come and get like me
Or just stay on your level
Signing deals with devils
He will never help you
And u think you’re special
Humble ppl meekly inherit earth
u so busy selling your soul
what is it worth
2 quarters, a couple pennies
& I’ll add a dollar, just to up the ante