Justin Gray : The One & Only JG

"Family Friendly Stripper Music" by Justin Gray

Returning to his love for hip-hop, this grouping of hit after hit of inspired music taunts to shutdown any other notions of music in this day and age; an undisputed, self-produced stamp of a New England native.

"Love, JG" by Justin Gray - Limited Edition CD / Album Download

Back for more, Justin Gray returns for the first time but not the last - leaving JG on the stage, this album delves deeper into the man and the artist than any project before.

"The Wake Up" By JG - Special Edition CD / Album Download

With the music played on the radio leaving us feeling less than intelligent, JG decided it was time for "The Wake Up", his official 3rd solo album & most sonically impactful work to date. Teamed up with production partner Bizz, this project speaks volumes

"Suite Black Music" By JG - Limited Edition CD / Album Download

JG returns with "Suite Black Music", keeping his sound authentic by blending the core roots of what make him an artist. From reggae to R&B, the album is tied together with hip-hop sounds and pop melodies - a fusion that he calls 'Suite Black Music'.

"If These Walls Could Talk" by Bizz & JG - Deluxe Edition CD and Poster (while supplies last)

A snippet of great music and authentic R&B, Bizz & JG team up to deliver a grown rendition of love and relationships nowadays. Featuring the hits "I Got U Back", "Truthful", "Numb", "I Ain't Tryna Hear That" and many more! Purchase your hard copy today or download your digital version on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, etc.

"UFOs" by JG - Deluxe Edition CD

Take a trip to 'another dimension' as JG soars the galaxy in search of fun, love, and adventure. 'UFOs' is a concept album created by JG alongside Last Shot Productions CEO Giovanni Francis which delivers from each pop-synth chord to the next. This blend of R&B, hip-hop, and pop will lead listeners into a space where reality is no longer real, and where fantasy is all that matters. Add this to your collection to be the envy of all sci-fi music buffs for eons to come!